"Incredible barn. The atmosphere is awesome and the people there are so kind. Kelsey, the trainer there, is amazing for people of all ages. She teaches kids, teens, young adults to older adults! She really knows what she's doing. The arena is beautiful and the horse care is top notch. It's also super close to Dallas which is really nice for us commuters!"

-Maury Sheeder

"Beautiful facility, wonderful atmosphere, and great people. Kelsey Magid is an incredible trainer for both kids and adults. Lessons are always both fun and challenging. She has helped me become a much better, more confident rider."

-India Baucom

"My daughter's riding skills have improved so much in a very short time since she started riding at Cedar Haven. The instructor Kesley is amazing, and she is not only teaching strong riding skills, she is also helping my daughter learn responsibility, patience and everything she needs to know about taking care of a horse. We are so fortunate to have found this stable."

-Michele Kennon Degani

"Cedar Haven Stables has been an incredible place for both my child and my girlfriend. The trainer, Kelsey Magid, is phenomenal with both kids and adults. Everybody we have encountered has been friendly and welcoming, from the owner Amy to other riders. I can't say enough good things about this barn."

-Bill Reed

"One of the best stables in the DfW area! Boarding or lessons you can't go wrong. The trainer/instructor Kelsey is awesome!"

-Debra Kay Stafford

"This stable is small but wonderful, and as someone who has ridden at dozens of DFW barns I highly recommend it for lessons. Trainer Kelsey Magid is the perfect mix of task master and cheerleader, constantly working to improve your riding while offering just enough praise to make you really feel good at the end of the lesson. Great with kids and adults alike, she is one of the most level headed and capable trainers out there!"

-Mitch Wilson

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